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Borislav Petrov

Borislav Petrov performs proffesionally on drums since age 19. He began his career with in Bulgaria, as a member of the pop-rock band "Slang" and the experimental folk-fusion band "Brainstorm"

In 2002 he moved to the Netherlands to complete the American jazz program at the Prince Clauss Conservatorium in Groningen, under the mentorship of drummers Ralph Peterson and Owen Hart.

The folk-jazz band "Rakia", formed by Dimitar Liolev in Groningen, gave Borislav the opportunity to experiment with the integration of Bulgarian folk rhythms into jazz and vice versa. Eventually, this led him to his first attempts to compose original music for his own group – "Jazzanitza".

In 2008 Borislav completed a research on Bulgarian folk rhythms and drumming styles: ‘Long And Short Beats:The Mystery of Bulgarian Rhythms’. The study focuses on the essence of Bulgarian irregular meters and the historical development of folk drumming. It also includes ideas and concepts for expanding Bulgarian rhythms and integrating them into other styles of improvised and composed music.

Education: Bachelor degree: Prince Claus Conservatorium, Groningen (2002-2006) Master Degree: Conservatorium van Amsterdam (2006-2008)

Toured and performed in: Holland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Bosnia, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, India (Rajasthan), South Africa.

Some notable musicians Borislav has recorded and performed with, include: Theodossii Spassov, Dimitar Bodurov, Dimitar Liolev, Vladimir Karparov, Benjamin Herman, Ben van Gelder, Harmen Fraanje, Jasper Blom, Joris Roelofs, Yaniv Nachum, Ruben Hein, Tony Lacatos, Franz von Chossy, Yaniv Nachum, Nicky Shrire,Alex Simu and many more.

Discography: Tin Men and the Telephone - “Appjenou?!” 2013, Tin Men and the Telephone - “Very Last Christmas” 2012, Renske Taminiau - “Move Me” 2011, Tin Men and the Telephone - “Moetjenou?” 2010, Tarhana - "Mundus" 2008, Renske Taminiau - "Waiting to be told" 2008, Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra - "Finding the way" 2007, Stage Band - "Coming About" 2006, Slang - “Blue” 1999

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